Out of Chicago Online Conference

March 11-13, 2022

For those who may not be familiar with Out of Chicago, it is an photography organization started by Chris Smith. Some of you may have met or did a workshop with the original group that includes Angie McMonigal and Anne Belmont. Angie started as an amateur photographer and now has a successful architectural photography business and has shot globally. Anne is the guru of flower photography and works a lot out of the Chicago Botanical Garden.

I have done photo walks in the past with some of the members and I know some FCC members have also done a few.

A few years ago Chris started a conference in downtown Chicago called Out Of Chicago. It was a 3 day event that started small but grew rapidly. Unfortunately Covid changed things but Chris has adapted to present a 3 day on line conference. A lot of great speakers from around the country with great topics.

While it does cost, the price has come down drastically from the in person events. If you are interested, below is the link to the conference.