DPI Competition Information

Digital Projected Images (DPI) competitions, as with print competitions, are held each month during the regular competition season. They are a great way to have your images judged and to find out where you might need improvement without the cost of printing and mounting.


There are three (3)  categories of DPI competition: Open and Special. The Open category allows any subject matter and either color or monochrome images. In the Special category, the subject matter is limited to topic voted upon by the club during the previous club year. Novice category is for new members. Their images will be scored and then critiqued by the judges. If you enter 2 images in Novice, you cannot enter in the Open or Special categories.


The maximum dimensions for DPI submissions are 1400 pixels horizontally and 1050 pixels vertically (although they can be smaller).  Images are normally cropped and a white border added.  The border is not necessary for your images but is highly recommended.


The naming of the submitted files for the competition is important for a number of reasons. 
We recommend making submissions early enough to allow for corrections if needed until you are comfortable with the process.

Images submitted for DPI competition for the 2017-2020 season will have to have the file name with a structured format.  We will be showing 3 categories this season, an Open category, Specials category, and Novice category.  We will distinguish the difference in the File Name.  For the Open category, you can submit 2 images.  The first letter in the image file name should be A or B.  You can also submit 2 images for the Special category, and the first letter in the file name will need to be C or D.  For Novice category the first letter in the file name will need to be N or M. After our October competition, you can submit 2 make-ups for each category.  Designate the make-ups with a number 1 before the letter designation.

The file name has to contain the following information:

Letter designation

Image name

Submitter’s name

Use the ~ as a field separator. (tilde)

Maximum length of any field is 35 characters

All submissions must be in .jpg format

For make-up in special category tell me in your email text which special category you are making-up


Open Catergory

A~Image name~Submitter’s Name.jpg

B~Image name~Submitter’s Name.jpg

Specials Category

C~Image name~Submitter’s Name.jpg

D~Image name~Submitter’s Name.jpg

Novice Category

N~Image name~Submitter’s name.jpg

M~Image names~Submitter’s name.jpg

Make Up

1A~Image name~Submitter’s Name.jpg

1B~Image name~Submitter’s Name.jpg

1C~Image name~Submitter’s Name.jpg

1D~Image name~Submitter’s Name.jpg

Email your images to the DPI Coordinator no later than the Wednesday before the Competition Date.