Welcome to Foresters Camera Club

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned photographer, we welcome you to Foresters Camera Club.  Due to COVID-19 FCC will have to make changes to the way we conduct club meetings. There is much work to be done on the website to bring information up  to date. I will work on this so please be patient. As of now, this link, Competition Specials List, and the 9/1/20 Calendar entry are the only up to date items, the rest on the information, while still may be accurate is older and will be reviewed for any changes. For non members who would like to join, check back in a few days and I will list contact info.

I have listed the the Competition Specials List on the Menu Bar. I will get back soon on how we will vote for these.

Our DPI Chairman and Club President, Steve Howard has resigned and Phil Chimino has took charge of forming a ZOOM Committee that is working on keeping the club going. Below is the email from Phil on the last Zoom meeting of 8/18/20.

Hi Forester’s,

Our Zoom Committee met last night by the way of Zoom.  The more you use Zoom the more you find it can do.  We started the meeting off by recapping on things we have decided.  Here is a short summary:

  • We would continue to meet by the way of Zoom on the first and third Tuesday of the month on Zoom.
  • We would have competitions, presentations and hopefully workshops.
  • There would be 4 categories for our competitions. Open Color, Open Monochrome, Specials and Novice for any new members.
  • Membership Dues would be $20 for an individual, $30 for a Family, New Members would also pay $20. Please mail John Lubon your check at 10636 Lori Ln, Palos Hills, 60465.  This is to cover expenses and a donation to the church.
  • We would not have a club President but would be governed by the Zoom Committee.
  • Bob Dietz our CACCA rep will work with Al Alvis understanding the Competitions Software being used by CACCA.

Last night we talked about the following:

  • The special topics submitted by the members would be posted on our web page. Our first special competition will be macro photography and our Last would be street photography Steve Howard’s Presidents Choice.  We will vote on the other 5 and let you know when they are posted on our web page.
  • Zoom will allow you to take polls and we tried it out.
  • It was brought up that running our club by Zoom was in violation of our Constitution and By Laws. To continue with a hobby that we all love their were not a lot of options on ways to continue until we can meet again at the church.  We will need to take a vote on this at our 1st meeting.
  • Our first meeting will be more like a business meeting setting the direction of the club until we are able to meet as a group safely.
  • Jim Shover is planning on having a practice session on Zoom. If you have not already done so down load the free copy of Zoom and join Jim when he has the Zoom meeting.  He will let you know when.
  • Jim Shover is also making sure that everyone is receiving these Google emails. It would help him out a lot if you would email him at jamesshover1@gmail.com letting him know you received this email.

We hope everyone is excited to get started doing photography work again.  This will be a new experience for all of us.  Six months ago I did not know anything about Zoom and most likely our member didn’t either.  Let’s all look forward to making the best out of this upcoming season and enjoy photography.

Keep your Shutter’s clicking,