Are DSLR’s going the way of the dinosaur?

Good article submitted by FCC member Steve Z. about the possible future of DSLR’s. Mike “Sharkey” James of the PetaPixel podcasts has been predicting this for the last few years. So before you go out and buy any new equipment, check it out here, or other sources such as PetaPixel

Focus Point Plugin for Lightroom

Here’s something pretty geeky but cool. This plugin will show you where your focus point was on your image. Only for Lightroom Library Module. It was a little quirky on the install and run but after I read the directions it worked. Here is some of the article from Tim Grey’s blog:

Judging Presentation On Website

One of the goals of the website, posts, etc., is to provide a resource, information, tutorials, etc. In the tutorial section of the website, just added is a judging tutorial donated by Bob Dietz. To view this, just go to the FCC website,, and click on the Tutorial section of the Menu bar.


Next FCC meeting is tonight, in person at Palos Methodist Church in Palos Heights at 7pm. Just a heads up, this is not going to be just a blah, blah, blah meeting. We are going to explore new ideas to stimulate skill growth and build enthusiasm for the photography hobby. There are many great ideas …

Tim Grey webinar on resolution

Tomorrow: “Solving Resolution Confusion” Tomorrow at 12pm Eastern Time I’ll help you better understand resolution in the context of photography in a presentation as part of the “GreyLearning Live!” webinar series. In my experience resolution has consistently been one of the topics that leads to the greatest confusion among photographers, and this presentation will help …

FCC Calendar Update

The FCC Calendar dates have been posted. Unfortunately with the chaos of Covid and the turmoil the club (along with many other clubs), the subject of the meetings are TBD, to be determined at this time. Hopefully these will be replaced shortly with specific meeting itineraries. The next meeting is Tuesday, September 20, 2022, 7pm.