Street Photography

The theme for the November DPI Special competition is “Street Photography”.  Here are a few articles about the topic:

What Is Street Photography?

What is Street Photography?

Street Photography (Wikipedia)

On Street Photography

Okay, that’s enough reading. Get out there and …

Photographing Architecture

skyscraper-825546_1280The first Special DPI theme of the year is architecture. Here are a few links to articles about the choices we make in architectural photography.

And while you are at these sites, look around at other articles. They are some …

Palos Classic Car Event

ClassicCarForesters Camera Club will have a booth at the Palos Classic Car Event on July 21st from 5-9 pm. Members will be taking pictures of the classic cars which will then be featured in the event’s annual fundraising calendar. Please …

Summer Workshops – June

June WorkshopOn Tuesday evening, June 7th, fourteen Foresters met together to help one another learn and grow in the art of image composition. Foresters mentors offered tips on achieving the desired effects using camera settings. Lake Katherine was chosen for FCC’s

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